Upcoming Talks

1. "Against New Explanationism", Higher Seminar, Lund University, May 23, 2024.
2. "No Guide to Ground: Right-making and Right-makers", FrankMeta.6, June 7-8, 2024. 
3. "Against New Explanationism", "Facets of Reality: Contemporary Debates" (45th International Wittgenstein Symposium), Austria, August 11-17, 2024.
4. t.b.a., Workshop on hyperintensionality, University of Geneva, September 12-13, 2024.


(2024/04) "Against New Explanationism", WIP seminar Berlin, HU Berlin. 
(2024/03) Comment on Rohan Sud's "Normative Vagueness, Persisting Perplexity, and Inescapability", Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop.

(2024/02) "Against New Explanationism", MetaFS.6, Frankfurt. 
(2024/01) "Normative Explanations and Making Relations", Workshop "Aktuelles aus Metaethik und Normativitätstheorie“ (Recent Work in Metaethics and Normativity Theory) , Heidelberg University.


(2023/12) "First Things First: Why A Reason is Always Prior",  Workshop "Reasons and Explanation", University of Tübingen.

(2023/07) "No Guide to Ground: Right-making and Right-makers", Workshop "Applications of Grounding", Trinity College Dublin.
(2023/03) "No Guide to Ground: Good-making and Good-makers", Workshop "Grounding, Fundamentality, and Applied Metaphysics", University of Vienna.


(2022/11) "Normative Relevance and Relations of Normative Support: Grounds and Reasons", Workshop "Grounding and Metaethics",  University of Bern
(2022/09) "No Stop-Gap Required: Partially Grounding Moral Facts", GAP.11, HU Berlin.
(2022/07) "Partial Irrelevance and Exact Exclusion", Conference ExLog2022, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.


(2021/08) "Relevant Restrictions and the Autonomy of Ethics", XXV. Congress of the DGPhil, University of Erlangen.
(2021/07) "Irreducible Normativity", University of Oxford (online).


(2020/10) "No Normative Free Lunch: Relevance and the Autonomy of the Normative Domain", Workshop on "Relevance, Grounding, and Normativity", University of Hamburg
(2020/08) "Relevant Restrictions and the Metaphysical Autonomy of the Normative Realm", ECAP, University of Utrecht (online).


(2019/10) "Hume’s Law under Different Mathematical Guises", GAP PhD-Workshop Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, Munich

Public Philosophy

(2020/11) Museum of Art Hamburg (Kunsthalle Hamburg)
Beckmann-Blickwechselreihe: Beckmann und Schopenhauer